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Elite Dentists provide primary dental care for patients of all ages.
To improve overall dental health for you and your entire family is one of our biggest concerns.

Implamt Dentistry

A Dental Implant is a small titanium screw that serves..

Cosmetic Dentistry

Elite Cosmetic Dentist make your teeth whiten and beatiful

General Dentistry

Elite Dentists provide the primary dental care..

Digital 3D CT

Digital Implant

Depending on the surgical method, dental implants are divided into traditional implants and digital implants. Traditional implants, in the creation of artificial teeth and the surgical process, largely rely on the manual skills of individual dentists. On the other hand, digital implants greatly increase the precision of surgery by using digital technology and equipment without the need for incisions in the gums.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry enhance the look of your smile. Two common procedures are Teeth Whitening and dental Laminates/Veneers.

Teeth Whitening : Brightens teeth by removing stains.

Dental Laminates/Veneers : Improves appearance by placing custom-made shells on the front of teeth.

These procedures help create a more attractive and confident smile.

Smiling young woman. Cosmetological teeth whitening in a dental clinic. selection of the tone of the implant tooth.
Dental Venners
female dentist shows the patient his x-ray, the x-ray is explains the procedure and treatment he will receive on her teeth, the x-ray shows the damage to the teeth.
panoraa x-ray

General Dentistry

General dentistry focuses on oral health and dental care, including diagnosing and treating dental conditions, preventive care, dental surgeries, and regular check-ups for maintaining oral health.

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All reviews below are sourced from Google reviews and Yelp reviews.

Jennifer C.

I brought my mother in for some well overdue work. She has had bad experiences in the past due to curled roots in her molars. When we came in she was taken back but how far the industry has come. It's been decades since she's been to a dentist. Their equipment gave us live action feed of her mouth and can show us the work that needed to be done. The first appointment was able to sit with her and calm her down cause it was just a cleaning. Their staff is very kind and when I couldn't stay with her someone would take my place.

Sherry H

Excellent on every level. + Always plenty of lot parking (free) + Clean, modern, well-kept reception area + Consistently friendly staff + Doctor is highly skilled - efficient with time, very experienced while also extremely gentle + Technicians are also very friendly, skilled and good at what they do + Modern, new equipment + Really reasonable prices for quality work - and they don't price gouge like a lot of dental offices do - they stick to the rate book and charge your accordingly One of the best dentists I've been to in a long while. Highly recommend!

Celina K.

Dr. Park is phenomenal and truly talented in his skills! His technique for anesthesia was gentle and put me at ease. He went into detail about my TMJ and how it has affected the rest of my teeth. I've never a dentist explain things so thoroughly and detailed!! The staff members also create a warm yet professional environment. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Park to all of my family and friends!

German C.

My wife and I just got our insurance, Cigna, last week, and I have been wanting to get a teeth cleaning for a while now. Service was quick and painless. Overall very efficient, clean, and friendly staff.

Miri K.

Best dentist in the world ! He can do my Fillings and crowns so so well He's super honest and he goes step by step to explain to you what you need and what you don't need Thank you so much I'm not in pain anymore ! Thanks Dr Park!

Steve M

I just had my crown done at this place. I was very pleased at the work Dr. Park and his staffed did. The crown was very comfortable and it felt like my own teeth. The staff was very friendly and courteous. I was also amazed by the newest dental equipment they had.

Yun Kim

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Park! First time I've been so relaxed and felt safe during a dental procedure in my life. He was very informational during my visit and I feel he sincerely cares about his patients. I am very happy with my care and Dr. Park did a great job on my teeth. Will be going here as my primary dentist from now on!


I had 1 crown and 1 inlay treatment at Elite Dental. Perhaps because the director has a lot of experience, he diagnosed accurately and explained the treatment very well. I have been using it without any problems for several months after treatment. I think it's important to get good dental treatment. Strong!!!!!

ikanla Dan

Nice and clean place, all the workers here are very kind and wants to help patients. Dr. Park is a very honest he does not make you get overpriced treatment but help you to get only what you really need to get. Dr. Park is really passionate to give patients the best treatment they need. I will comeback and thank you all.

In Ki Ahn

People working here are all nice. I was having little pain on my teeth so took an X-ray then Dr. Park explained about what kind of treatment I need and it was very clear. I will recommend this place to my family.


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